A review of your existing H&S Management System and an on-site walk-through inspection of your premises.

The audit entails an assessment of the legal compliance of your organisation in respect of the premises and business practices. It covers a review of existing documents, training needs, policies, procedures and risk assessments.

The organisation management system is reviewed in light of UK law and European regulations, which impose a duty of care on employers and employees, in respect of their health, safety and well-being of themselves, employees, visitors, contractors and others.

The audit aims to underpin the occupational sustainability performance of your organisation, and it achieves this by analysing your policies, processes and practices and recommending improvements.

The audit process involves a systematic and objective assessment of available data and information. During the audit the auditor will seek to assure and verify organisational performance through a process of document review, interviews with relevant management and staff, and observation of activities on the ground.

The final report will identify any gaps and opportunities for improvement, including:

• Clarifying your legal position

• Improving existing management practices

• Assurance of an effective management system

• Identifying strengths and improvements in operational efficiency

• Promoting leadership, effective communication and sustainability

Note: This service is only available for organisations based in mainland UK and is limited to one site per organisation. Travel expenses may not be included, so please contact us to confirm the travel costs before purchasing.

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